endless spring - prologue

A hand-drawn visual novel about grieving the loss of someone you knew all too well, but did you really?

endless spring is a visual novel about coming to terms with the fact that you've lost someone you held very close to you, and helping yourself move on and looking at things as they are and not what you made them out to be or how you perceived it.

endless spring is heavily driven by the choices you make

You are grieving the loss of a friend who was taken away by an accident that you believe you could have prevented or may have been the cause of, but the lasting effects of having witnessed the incident first hand make it increasingly difficult to distinguish between the reality of what took place and what you're telling yourself as a result of your habit of self sabotaging.


  • Cozy Kalimba music
  • Multiple Endings
  • Routes with other characters
  • Aesthetically pleasing art
  • Original art, music and story

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Hope you enjoy the game!! 

Please let us know what you think and if you come across any kinds of bugs/issues!!


  • Unity C#
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • PaintTool SAI
  • Audacity
  • OBS


endless spring.zip 75 MB

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((will make the video public tomorrow but wanted to give my review here first))

This game was beautifully made! After reading the description of the game and how it was a type of game that is heavily driven by the choices you make it made me curious and eager to try it out myself. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint me at all. I fell in love with the game startig from the beautiful artstyle, the soothing kalimba music playing in the background and how you’ve written the pov of someone in grief and the possible scenarios that could happen. I enjoyed the game so much and I’m sorry for the long overdue review.

You all did an amazing job! ♡​​


Hey Mii! Thank you so so much for playing our game! <3 We loved reading your review and watching your playthrough for it, thank you for the praise, and we are pleased to hear that we somewhat managed to convey the feelings of a person in grief, the team is a little caught up with other work but we do plan on putting the next chapter for this out sometime soon, so please look forward to it !

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great jobs visual

Thankyou!!! AND THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING OUR GAME AND SHARING IT ON YOUR PLATFORM!! It means so much to us that you took time to do that, we hope you enjoy the full release as well!

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From art to the font every small part of this is so well made! Choosing a flower was genuinely hard for me haha I loved the music its so immersive and soothing.The art was my favourite part the artstyle is so unique and pleasing to look at! I had to stop and stare at each screen to take it all in and make sure I don't miss any details.I'm looking forward to the next chapter of endless spring! great work luna studios <3 been following this project from the beginning super proud of you guys 

Hi Kirupi!! Thankyou for your detailed comment! We're so happy that you loved all that the game had to offer and took time with the choices, everything in the game has been worked on from scratch and to have someone appreciate every element and comment on it is very reaffirming and encourages us to put in our best in the work to come!! We hope you'll like the coming chapters and enjoy them just as much if not more! <3

The music and art fit very well together and strongly complement the theme. Also like how the options / controls don't stand out. Love the vibe...

Thankyou for commenting and sharing your thoughts with us, we made everything in this purely from scratch so hearing that you enjoyed it and that the elements compliment each other as well means so much to us! Hope you enjoy the coming updates too!!

Beautiful game to look at. I don't think I even got to see all of the different dialogue options that are available after multiple playthroughs. It definitely speaks to people who overthink things and tend to blame themselves when things go wrong.

"Please let us know what you think and if you come across any kinds of bugs/issues!!" 

I will say that there are a few points where the grammar could be improved, or fix a word that was accidentally misspelled. "You reach the river, its walking distance from where you live" Could be changed to "You reach the river, it's in walking distance from where you live." or "You pass a flower shop" could be "You pass by a flower shop" little things like that. When you're by the river and you dig your nails into your palm, thinking is misspelled as thinknig.

Hopefully that helps! There was definitely more, but that's what I remembered off the top of my head.

Hi Justin!! Thankyou so much for taking the time out to play through the game, we're so happy to hear that it resonated with you ;u;, 

And we really REALLY appreciate you taking the time out to write in detail about the grammatical errors you came across and the suggestions on what to write instead!

Rest assured we will patch them up

Again thankyou so much for taking time out to play our game and writing such a detailed review, It made us super happy and meant a lot, We hope you stick around to play the full game when its released and like it just as you did the prologue.  


it was good <3

Thank you so much!!! ;W;


I really like it <3! keep going please :)

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Thank you so much!!! We hope you will like what's to come too!