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I cried :)

I really loved it. I felt a connection and cried at the end because I know the feeling and I've done the actions. And what makes it even better was your little message at the end, it really made me happy since I'm not often told and/or reminded that I'm worth something.

Thank you so much for making this amazing game :)

Thank you for this! I got emotional playing this little game. Great music and art, both contributing to the overall mood.

My one quibble is that, when I click while text is being displayed one letter at a time, it just starts showing the next line without revealing the current sentence first. That's not how it works in most visual novels, and after playing a few games in the genre, I'd acquired a habit to just click when text is shown at a slower pace than I'm able to read it. Here, due to this instinctive clicking, I ended up missing out on parts of the text. Also, on my first playthrough, when the protagonist decides to get out of bed and look around, I would see the background, but no text in the text box; when I restarted the game, the issue no longer occurred.

Looking forward to more of your work!

Thank you so much for playing the game and your insightful and helping comment.

Yeah I had a feeling that people might struggle with the idea of that click skipping the dialogue instead of writing it complete and moving forward to the next one on another click was only because the game was very short, and I just wanted to in a way like add some time and depth so as people read each word slowly, it hits them as if it's their own actual thoughts.

I am so happy you commented and loved the game, I will definitely improve with my next game!